79,215 faces analyzed and counting #MyMoustacheRobot

The Story

We started with a simple question, “What if we could use machine learning technology to detect the length of facial hair?” Many hallway jokes, brainstorming sessions, and mockups later, our early ideas have been realized far beyond our initial expectations. is a Microsoft Garage Project built using Microsoft Cognitive Services and a crew of dedicated, passionate Microsoft developers. Our aim? Show what a healthy imagination and Microsoft Cognitive Services can build. Our hope? Work with the Movember organization to raise money and awareness for men's health while showcasing the possibilities of machine learning technology.

The Technology

The Inspiration


Allison Light

Chao Wang

Chris Risner

Elliott Miller

Gang Chen

Jon Galloway

Spencer Rothschild

Mat Velloso

Ryan Galgon

Shen Chauhan

Thiago Almeida

Wenbin Luo

The magic behind, a Microsoft Garage Project
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